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NJLC 2023 Class

Joey Deyoung 
Hofstra University (D1) '27
Souther Regional High School '23

Troy Callahan
Cabrini University (D3) '27

Steinert High School '23

Michael Rowinsky
Susquehanna University (D3) '27
St. Joesph's Regional HS '23

Kyan Dohn

SUNY Morrisvile State (D3) '27

East Brunswick HS '23

Walter Zhao

University of Vermont (D1) '27

Allentown HS '23


NJLC 2022 Class

Joseph Meidling 

Towson University (D1)

Notre Dame High School '22

Tyler Sininsky 
NJIT (D1) '26
Souther Regional High School '22

Ryan Sininsky
NJIT (D1) '26

Southern Regional High School '22

Jack Kolbe
Merrimack University (D1) '26
Southern Regional High School '22

Jeff Hedden

Salve (D3) '26

North Hunderton HS '22