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What is New Jersey Lacrosse Club (NJLC)?

NJLC is a top level club lacrosse program that focuses on developing players to then later showcase their abilities to aid in the recruitment process.

How do we contact NJLC?

You can either submit a question on the contact form or email Tyler Freeman directly at

What are the teams based on?

NJLC uses a grade based model for our teams. We use the players high school graduation year to determine which team you are on. We do it this way as college coaches can easily know who they are recruiting in that moment. 

NJLC has the following teams: (Grade Sept. '22)

NJLC 2031/2032 - 3/4th grade

NJLC 2030 - 5th grade

NJLC 2029 - 6th grade 

NJLC 2028 - 7th grade

NJLC 2027 - 8th grade

NJLC 2026 - Freshman

NJLC 2025 - Sophomore

NJLC 2024 - Junior 

How do you select your teams?

NJLC holds tryouts for the upcoming year in mid/late July. ALL players must attend one of our tryouts in order to be considered for a roster spot. NJLC will ask prospective players to attend one of our practices if the tryouts are over. 

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How many players are on a roster?

NJLC caps their rosters at 25 players. 

NJLC reserves the right to configure the team however the club sees fit. 

What is the commitment level required?

NJLC offers a year round curriculum, however the primary commitment is in June and July each summer. 

High School Players:

*Must be available for Fall and Summer tournaments. Winter training will also be provided and highly recommended to attend. 

Youth Players: 

*Must be available for Summer tournaments. Fall tournaments and Winter/Spring training/play days will be provided and highly recommended to attend. 

Winter training are critical to setting our players apart as we focus on core skill development and overall Lax IQ development. 

Who will be coaching my son?

This may be the most important question that a parent or player can ask. Please view the team pages to see the coaches for each team. 

Our coaching staff is comprised of coaching experience at every level, that truly loves to just coach and grow players! All of our coaches currently coach at the College, high school or youth level and our dedicated to staying at the top of their game! 

At the high school level you typically will have the same coach as you progress over the years. The youth level we do tend to flip coaches every year giving players an opportunity to see and learn from different coaches. 

NJLC reserves the right to change coaches at anytime if they view it necessary for the betterment of the team. 

How much does it cost to participate? 

The cost to participate on a NJLC team varies from year to year and from each team. Our fees for high school players are inclusive. Which means it includes all of the high school events in the fall, winter and summer. Please look into your NJLC handbook for a full list. At the youth level you will play for each "season" separately with paying for the Summer and Fall season when you commit to the team. 

Final fees are communicated to those that receive an invitation to accept one of our roster spots. 

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